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Day 10AM-4PM

Night 4PM-10AM

legacy data

Mon 11 Nov

Suchandrima Das

Tue 12 Nov

Edward Roberts

Edward Roberts

Wed 13 Nov

Zhouran Zhang

Zhouran Zhang

Thu 14 Nov

Robert Scales

Robert Scales

Fri 15 Nov

Sat 16 Nov

Sun 17 Nov

Mon 18 Nov

Tue 19 Nov

Wed 20 Nov

Thu 21 Nov

Fri 22 Nov

Sat 23 Nov

Sun 24 Nov

Nanoindenter XP
Only authorized users should book this equipment: view NANOINDENTER userlist
Booking restrictions:
Only approved users may book the Nanoindenter XP. Users only permitted to book 4 successive slots (i.e. 2 days) or 6 total slots in advance.